#18: PPO Chronicles- Swapnil Choudhari, Cognizant

Swapnil Choudhari from the MBA batch of 2019-21, specializing in the field of Marketing, interned at Cognizant and received a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO).

He worked for three years as a Developer in the IT industry before pursuing MBA. He emphasized that his zeal to be on the front end of functional business requirements and processes was the driving force behind him seeking an MBA.

Swapnil’s internship voyage at Cognizant, was exciting and intriguing as he got to work with senior leaders from the organization and attended various workshops that were essential during the pandemic. His project at Cognizant focused on optimizing the business processes by introducing automation to increase the efficiency of the existing processes. His role was of a Business Consultant, which entailed thorough researching and sourcing of software vendors, mapping the capabilities to the company’s requirements, estimating the turnaround time, and eventually arranging demonstrations to evaluate the performance. He worked on three different use cases that were related to the business processes already in place in the organization. He explicated the contemporary business processes by perusing the technical documents and improving their efficiency using automation which also required him to perform a lot of secondary research on vendors offering such software. He communicated with many vendors that gave him great insights into the requirements.

Swapnil highlighted the significance of the support he received from his senior management in answering all his queries. He attributed his efficiency of working to the open culture at the organization as he was able to garner key learnings from his guide and mentor without any hesitation at all times, and all his queries and suggestions were valued and welcomed.

While talking about the crucial factors that helped him secure a PPO, Swapnil feels it is imperative to understand the project’s objectives to complete the deliverables effectively. He pointed out that sincerity, hard work, and trying to understand the project’s objective were the factors that made the difference. He ensured that he left no notion unturned. Also, being proactive was of paramount importance while getting your queries resolved without having any inhibitions as that reflected the motivation of an individual towards his/her work. He also felt that having prior experience working in the IT industry gave him an additional boost because he was well-versed with the terminologies and jargons used in IT parlance that facilitated seamless communication with all the stakeholders.

A piece of advice that Swapnil wants to pass on to the juniors is that they should avoid using any shortcuts, as this will help them in their final presentations at the end of their internships. He emphasized on using the internship stint to learn as much as one can and to prepare for it diligently in advance.

We congratulate Swapnil on his achievement and wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

-Sudarshan Srinivas, Media and PR Team

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