#18: PPO Chronicles- Shubhangi Saxena, AB InBev

Shubhangi Saxena, from the 2020-22 batch, developed a liking for Human Resources while working with Accenture, where she was a part of various Learning & Development projects. It led her to pursue MBA in Human Resources from SCMHRD, where she got a chance to intern with AB InBev and her passion for work and learning is what has helped her secure a PPO from AB InBev.

Shubhangi’s project included creating standard operating procedures in Learning and Development, primarily the rewards team. The project required capturing all the processes in the rewards function, making documents, and creating audio-visuals for the same so that the knowledge transfer sessions become more accessible and less time-consuming. She captured around 25 to 30 end-to-end processes thoroughly, which involved interacting with the SMEs who had complete knowledge of the process and documenting it. 

The overall experience at AB InBev was excellent, is what Shubhangi says. The people at AB InBev were incredibly accommodating, especially when Covid-19 was at its peak and the internship was virtual. During her initial week, Shubhangi’s senior managers and mentors were down with Covid, thus making it difficult for her to get accustomed to the role. She, unfortunately, lacked that initial guidance. She was given a project charter and a problem statement, but she was unsure how to approach it at first. But fortunately, the people in her team were extremely helpful as she could reach out to them at any time for their help. She added that they appreciate interns if we innovate things, give different ideas, and bring creativity to the table. Her project also included a lot of creative aspects, such as making audio-visuals for knowledge training that cover technical and functional elements of an end-to-end process. So, she utilized her time to explore various tools that helped create informative and engaging videos.

Shubhangi is an engineer with experience of a year and eight months at Accenture in L&D. Along with the technical aspects of the job, she also got an opportunity to ideate and provide inputs in L&D. Having some experience definitely helped Shubhangi with her internship in terms of dealing, interacting and working with a set of professionals. Also, when assigned a particular task, she knew the primary approach of dealing with them to arrive at a suitable solution. Another thing she learned during her previous experience that helped a lot was understanding the problem very clearly. She believes interns should devote a considerable amount of time in comprehending the problem statement.

According to Shubhangi, the essential thing that gave her an edge over the others was taking ownership. The first mid-reviews happened at the end of the third week, and since she didn’t have that guidance in the initial weeks, she took charge of her project, given the circumstances. She was always prepared well in advance. For instance, when required to create presentations, she would prepare multiple samples and get approvals/feedback from her mentors beforehand. They were impressed that she took ownership of her tasks and devoted time to understanding the problem very clearly. The global managers also offered her a different project, extending her tenure due to her skills and dedication. Since Shubhangi is a creative person, she also loves designing things which further added to her advantage. 

At last, a few suggestions that Shubhangi would like to give to the junior batch is that in the time you have before your internship commences, students should research about the project and related topics and be well prepared and thorough with it. Also, you should be open to any type of project, be it purely technical, be it based on strategic planning, or be it real-time projects. You should be passionate about whichever project you are part of, whether it’s of your liking or not, and openness to learning is the key to performing well in the internship. Lastly, you should be able to take ownership of your work and get things done, which is an essential part of corporate working. Being passionate about work, keenness to learn, and taking accountability for your work can create a route to bag a PPO.

-Pournami Pradeepkumar, Media and PR Team

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