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After spending ten minutes staring at the fan take lazy twirls, I decided I had to get out of the warm quilt and start the day. The soft pitter patter of raindrops provided a soothing backdrop to the mundane morning routine. I put on the E.A.R.N T-shirt and bands and stepped out into the epicentre of activity and excitement. A sea of students, dressed in E.A.R.N colours were gathered near the atrium, infused with zeal and verve. Hundreds of S.H.A.P.A.T.H bands jingled in unison to say “kNOw Human Trafficking.” We were soon assigned buses according to the places we were supposed to visit, and soon we were on our way to make a little difference.

E.A. R.N – Enable All to Revive and Nurture is a noteworthy initiative undertaken by S.H. A.P.A.T.H , the CSR cell of SCMHRD to earn funds for the victims of human trafficking. We take pride in saying “We don’t ask for donations, we earn for our cause”. With this noble thought, I set out for Cantabil, Season’s Mall, my assigned store for the day. The Manager Mr. Prashant greeted us pleasantly and quickly briefed us about our task for the day. He told us about the policies of Cantabil, ongoing schemes and about the various products offered. We were pumped up and eagerly waiting for our first customer to start with what was undoubtedly going to be an eventful day. Our first customer for the day soon graced the  doors of Cantabil. We showed him around, helped with the sizes and colours and were soon overjoyed to see him at the billing counter making purchase. Extremely happy with the store service, Mr. Kumar struck a conversation with us and was delighted to hear about E.A.R.N  and the noble cause it stands for. With the day starting with his heartfelt blessings, we happily juggled between managing customers, logistics, packaging and feedback.

People happily took selfies displaying E.A.R.N logos and bands and promised to extend support to our initiative.  The store staff also did their bit to promote our cause. We created awareness about the plight of human trafficking victims and the people took a moment to empathise  and pledged help for their betterment.

With each customer dealing, I was adding a plethora of knowledge about consumer behaviour, response pattern, product placement, sales, stocking and pricing. It was an extremely enriching experience, an immensely satisfying one too.

Soon, the clock struck 8:30 and  it was time to leave. On the way to the bus, I was struck anew by the magnitude and gravity of the cause we were associated with and felt a deep sense of satisfaction at being able to contribute towards the betterment of human trafficking victims. On reaching the bus, I saw a dozen smiling faces resting their heads against the bus windows, wrapped in a cocoon of satisfaction, reliving their eventful day and the lasting memories it had created.

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