#17: PPO Chronicles- Titash Paul, SONY Pictures Networks

Titash Paul from the 2019-21 batch, pursuing an MBA in Human Resources, did her internship with SONY Pictures Networks (SPN), India.

During her internship, Titash was responsible for three projects. The first one was to revamp the benefits that SPN was offering to its employees. For her second project, she was required to work on an internal communication policy campaign ensuring that all the employees working in the organisation are aware of the policies being offered to them. Lastly, the third project was related to an automated system used by the organisation for handling queries, so that the similar issues faced by the employees can be resolved with the help of a Chatbot, easing the burden on the HR professionals.

Titash is a B. Com graduate and had worked for a period of 1 year as a content analyst at a Tech start-up before pursuing her MBA. Her work required to fulfil all the content required for the B2B software platforms which included writing reviews, PR articles, etc. According to Titash, SPN distinguishes itself by ensuring that their workforce can bring about creativity, diversity and innovation in their work. Her work experience followed by her interest in extra-curricular activities such as art, music and drama helped her bag the internship at SPN. She believes what sets her apart is her ability to present ideas in a concise, crisp and direct manner.

Due to the pandemic, the internship was held virtually. SPN had put in a lot of efforts to make the internship experience a memorable one. They tried to develop and adopt the right employee engagement strategies, which involved organising various games like escape rooms to break the ice among the interns and make them work as a team. They were regularly motivated to perform and learn. Also, the three-day induction period ensured that all the interns were familiar with the various business units or sub-units that SPN operates in to enable smooth internal working.

The culture at SPN was extremely nourishing. It was under the guidance of her mentor and buddy that she got the opportunity to learn and grow as she did. She credits them with devoting significant time to her progress by scheduling daily review calls. The daily workings at SPN were transparent for all as the company did not shy away from speaking about its shortcomings and then working towards converting the same into strength.

Lastly, an advice Titash would like to give to all the juniors is that they should improve upon their PPTs to reap a lot of benefits in the future. As her friend always says, a good idea is nothing without a good PPT. Also, everyone should work hard towards making a mark for themselves and be remembered by their mentor, buddies and even the employees of the company for their exceptional work.

Wishing Titash all the best for her future endeavours.

-Jigyasa Malaviya, Media and PR Team

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