#17: PPO Chronicles- Pranay Deshmukh, HSBC

Pranay Deshmukh, from the batch 2020-22, developed a fondness for Finance during his tenure at Accenture, where he was introduced to the stock market by his colleagues. With the knowledge gained through investments and trading at the stock market, he fostered an interest in Finance, which persuaded him to choose MBA in Finance after joining SCMHRD. The knowledge gained by him over the years, along with his skillset, provided him an opportunity to intern with HSBC STG, where, with his hard work and dedication, he was successful in bagging a PPO.

During the internship, Pranay underwent a week’s training, where he was trained on the technical as well as non-technical aspects of investment banking, which proved quite valuable while shadow working under the bankers. Later, he was assigned to a team for the next two months where he got the opportunity to work with the on-shore bankers. The work came with incredible exposure to various industries in terms of profile creation and updating pitchbooks. Performing such work demanded comprehensive research and performance benchmarking, which helped him understand the existing revenue channels, market segment, end markets, geographic presence, and positioning of companies in their respective markets.

According to Pranay, the overall experience of the internship was excellent in terms of learning opportunities. The assigned mentor and manager always provided him with feedback on his work that helped him improve during the course of the internship. The constant feedback and well-structured teaching helped him learn about various aspects of investment banking.

The organization put a lot of effort into making sure that the interns don’t feel the limitations imposed due to the virtual environment. Apart from work, HSBC also organized fun sessions to introduce interns to the other teams and help them connect better.

Pranay recommends working diligently on feedbacks provided by mentors and managers. According to him, constructive working on feedbacks helps enhance learnings from real-life situations, which everyone will have to face when they join any organization. Also, Pranay emphasizes that having a good connection with teammates makes the work easier. He also suggests never to run away from work. Even though you have to work for 14-15 hours a day, you should do it unconditionally as these hours have the power to shape your future. Focus on your goals, work hard to achieve them, and show that you are a good fit for the organization, which may help you bag the PPO.

At last, a piece of advice Pranay would like to provide to the junior batch is to be proactive in getting the work done. Always show will and interest in the work that has been assigned to you, as it will portray a positive image in front of the organization. Also, thorough knowledge in your domain helps a lot, as it instills confidence in oneself when working on a project. With dedication and openness to learning, one can do wonders during their internship and have a great chance of bagging a PPO.

-Parth Patil, Media and PR Team

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