#16: PPO Chronicles- Kashish Goyal, ICICI Bank

Kashish Goyal from the MBA batch of 2019-21, specializing in the field of Finance interned with ICICI Bank during his summer internship.

The project that Kashish was involved during his internship at ICICI mainly revolved around the small and medium enterprise division regarding their supply chain financing, a fairly new concept for a lot of individuals even in the present day. To cognize the readers more on the subject, he emphasized how it is focused on funding dealers and suppliers of a particular entity. The project also involved a lot of market research to identify and analyse the key areas which would help the company in increasing its market share, along with the existing banks and their functionality in terms of supply chain marketing. Apart from this, a big chunk of the market research conducted was to weigh up the new products to be launched in the market segments particularly classified into automobile and agriculture.

He pursued his under graduation from Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi. Before his journey in MBA, Kashish had worked in the steel industry for 6 months. He believes that his educational background before pursuing MBA helped him to a great extent during his project.

The entire duration of the project was in a virtual environment. There were several inevitable conflicts Kashish had to face. Communication took place via emails and other digital platforms which lacked a touch of personalization and a detailed level of understanding. Since market research was also a vital part of his project, trying and connecting with a suitable target group was a task that could have been carried out with much ease, flexibility, and reliability. This led to a lack of data to a certain extent and a connection with his colleagues that could have been built better in person. However, Kashish mentioned that the work culture and the HR policies of the organization were engaging.  The various leadership sessions conducted in the initial stages of their internship made the internship more fun and easy.  Kashish’s focus on the circumstances of COVID-19 and how to overcome them in his project was something he believes got him a pre-placement offer.

As for the advice to the juniors, he believes that approaching the mentor persistently enables one to know the direction they are headed to. While collecting data, it is always quality over quantity, reliability of the sources, and the durability that matters in the rapidly changing world. Lastly, while presenting ideas or inputs, keeping it short to a maximum of 20 minutes is the key. It helps in retention leading to a more attentive and focused session.

We congratulate Kashish on his achievement and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

-Nikhil, Media and PR Team

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