#16: PPO Chronicles: Anita Bhatia, UPL

Anita Bhatia from Batch 2020-22, specializing in Human Resource Management, got the opportunity to do a live project and intern with United Phosphorus Ltd, which eventually led to a Pre-Placement Offer with the same company.

Anita pursued B.Tech in Computer Science from Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women. After her graduation, she had a work experience of almost 2.5 years as a Software Developer in TCS. As her tenure progressed, she realized an essential part was missing from her life, and that’s when she developed an interest in the HR field. 

During her internship, Anita got a chance to devise strategies on the diversity and inclusion of women in the agriculture workforce for the long run. What made her experience even better was that she got the opportunity to learn beyond the desk by interacting with people from different backgrounds and understanding the real-time challenges for women on the field first-hand. Another aspect that contributed to her experience was a great set of welcoming and warm mentors who helped her whenever she needed it. Her entire experience at United Phosphorus Ltd consisted of pure learning, which led to her mentor pushing her to achieve new targets, thus helping her learn a lot in the process.

As every aspiring management intern, Anita recognized the importance of asking the right questions to get a better picture of her work and get desired outcomes. Her work experience prior to joining MBA also helped her adjust to the corporate set up quickly.

One thing that made her journey unique and stand out from her peers is that not only did she devise the strategy, but she was also part of the project’s end-to-end implementation. She made several SOP documents, and by the end of her live project, she had made substantial progress in kickstarting the diversity campaign.

Towards the end of her internship, Anita was offered a PPI with six exceptionally well established and esteemed panellists. Due to her calm nature yet quick and creative thinking, she got through and was awarded a PPO with the company, which was a remarkable feat considering the company had no plans to offer a PPO in the first place. This opened doors for the junior batches, and when she was asked what advice she would want them to follow, she had quite a few of them. First and foremost, she said it is always important to be calm and open to new ideas; whether they are implementable or not can be decided later. Secondly, every student has to be agile, innovative and confident. She also emphasized the importance of making good presentations that can be articulated exceptionally well. She mentioned that we should not be afraid to pitch new ideas as it helps us be more confident in our workspace. And last but not least, it is extremely important to be up to date with all the current affairs concerning all the fields as one cannot be entirely sure in which area we might get to work on.

-Aakanksha Hajela, Media and PR Team

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