#15: PPO Chronicles- Tanvi Gupta, Cisco

Tanvi Gupta, an Electronics and Communications Engineer from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, developed an interest in the field of Analytics while working with Amazon Operations as an Area Manager for more than 2 years, eventually persuading her to join MBA in Business Analytics. With her diligence towards work and the knowledge amassed during her previous work experience and MBA, she successfully bagged a PPO at Cisco.

While interning with Cisco, Tanvi worked in the operations and supply chain project, where she was an integral part of the central revenue planning team. The project’s purpose was to predict the business while evaluating the impact of COVID-19 for the different products families of Cisco. The project was mainly focused on developing new and better models which primarily focused on the accuracy of the results generated. The project also included developing advanced models for time series forecasting, which can consider the exceptions created during COVID. The team did it at the distribution level at Cisco.

For Tanvi, the experience at Cisco was remarkable as everyone in the team was exceptionally helpful. From her manager to her colleagues, everyone supported her and assisted when needed during her internship. There was never a time when she felt that she was interning with Cisco; instead, they made her feel important and showed that she was an integral part of the team. During fortnightly meetings conducted to check the project’s progress, she was given proper feedback by her manager, which paved the way for her to perform her work at an exceptional level. Timely evaluations and on-the-spot feedback also helped her sort issues faced, if any, which again proved beneficial in her learning process, making her overall experience more enjoyable even in a virtual scenario.

With more than 2 years of work experience at Amazon Operations, Tanvi had a prior understanding of how the operations process works in business scenarios. During her tenure at Amazon Operations, she realized that analytics is at the forefront of the operations domain. The previous work experience also gave her the proper exposure required to interface with managers and colleagues during the internship. With a passion for data analytics, she worked diligently during the internship on all the assigned tasks, which aided her in bagging the PPO.

Tanvi suggests keeping a positive mindset and viewing every problem as an opportunity to work your brain and bring innovative ideas to the table. Even though there will be many problems lined up for you to solve in the project, keeping a positive attitude is a key to performing well in any situation. She believes that there would be multiple things that one would be coming across during one’s live projects and internships that could be labeled as insignificant then. However, she stresses the importance of such small learnings, which ultimately would be realized by one in the later part of their internships when everything materializes. Coming to technical skills, she says that students should try and pick up one language and be completely thorough with it, e.g., Python or R language, along with a working knowledge of Statistics and Machine Learning. For being prepared for the interviews, she recommends being on your toes with the recent developments in the company and the industry to which the specific job role is related. 

In the end, a piece of wisdom from Tanvi’s end to her juniors is to be active when working on various tasks because those opportunities would only be the ones giving a glimpse of the actual practical exposure. Enhancing skills and giving your bestduring your summers would be a fool-proof recipe for getting PPOs at prestigious companies. Having confidence in oneself does go a long way, and practice would make us confident!

-Parth Patil, Media and PR Team

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