#15: PPO Chronicles- Advait Patil, _VOIS

Advait Patil, from MBA batch of 2019-2021, who is currently specializing in the field of HR interned at Vodafone Intelligent Solutions (_VOIS) during his summer internship.

Advait is a fresher and interning for _VOIS was his first corporate stint. He graduated from Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune with a Bachelors in Business Administration degree. During his undergraduate years, he found and developed a deep interest in Management.

Advait approached his internship with an open mind so that he could maximize his learning throughout the duration of his internship. Even though everyone was working from home, he was able to connect with leaders in the company and even his co-interns regularly. During his internship, the welcoming and supporting approach of his mentor and the leadership motivated him to work even harder. _VOIS provided a pleasant workspace where Advait could perform and showcase his hard work.

Advait’s internship at _VOIS started by understanding the changes brought about by COVID-19, both temporary & permanent. Advait was assigned to work on the impacts of COVID-19 on Managing Rewards and Benefits. During his internship, Advait got various opportunities to interact with senior leaders in _VOIS as well as in other industry sectors. The two-month internship helped him understand the structure and functioning of an organization through a virtual setup.

In Advait’s 2-month Internship, he made sure that he put in maximum effort, and gave his best performance. He kept an open mind to maximize learning & reached out to many people in various sectors to get insights. As Advait puts it, along with his consistent effort and hard work in his project, the warm culture and support helped him overcome challenges and successfully sail through.

The one advice Advait would like to give to the junior batch is to get insights and learn from people with years of experience in the industry. An impactful performance will showcase the efforts for the company’s gain and it will eventually bring the acknowledgement for the long run. He says that gaining a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of the deliverables completely is essential to delivering an impactful performance & creating actual value for the company through your project.

We wish him all the best for his future endeavours. 

– Garima Chauhan, Media and PR Team

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