#14: PPO Chronicles- Tanya Taneja, Deloitte

Tanya Taneja, from the MBA batch of 2019-2021, currently specialising in HR, interned with Deloitte USI for her summer internship.

A fresher with her graduation in Electronics engineering, Tanya credits her positive attitude, hard work, and leadership skills for getting selected in Deloitte USI. It was Tanya’s dream company and she was determined to perform to the best of her abilities during her stint there.

In the first two weeks of her internship, she was charged with completing some learning objectives and assignments along with her fellow interns which helped in building bonds. The open door culture of the company involved weekly calls with upper management executives of the company and virtual coffee chats that enabled Tanya to reach out to her senior leaders, gather feedback and engage in productive discussions with them.

Right from the start, Tanya was armed with a strong learning attitude that helped her immensely throughout her internship. Her project was about enhancing and revamping the interview process at the company. She laid the groundwork for her project during the first 3 weeks by performing extensive primary and secondary research on the methods of interviewing applicants. In a shift from the traditional, she suggested the use of Behavioural Event Interviewing techniques, which provide a wholesome view of the candidate’s personality, hence enabling the selection of the most ‘culturally fit’ candidates for the company. The second part of her project entailed training various stakeholders about the new techniques of the selection process and designing training manuals and handbooks for the same.

Her mentor and buddy were a constant source of encouragement for her and helped her every step of the way. Tanya is tremendously grateful for their support throughout the internship.

She believes that having a positive attitude, being open to feedback and criticism, and learning from her mistakes were the factors that played a huge role in helping her achieve a PPO. The philosophy of ‘Fall seven times; stand up eight’ motivated her to learn from her failures and give her best each time.

A piece of advice that she would like to give the junior batch with regard to their internships would be to be open to criticism, disciplined in their approach, and to have a solid plan right from the beginning of the internship.

We wish her the very best for all her future endeavours.

– Vaishnavi Tatpal, Media & PR Team

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