#14: PPO Chronicles- Tanshi Singh, Vedanta

Tanshi Singh, who interned with Vedanta, started her B-school journey after working with RR Infratech after completing her Chemical engineering from GD Goenka University.

Tanshi had a full-fledged HR experience while interning with Vedanta as she got to work with several projects. As a part of her internship, she got to work on five different projects, which included building an induction module for the new joiners and planning activities, benchmarking digital HR practices in various sectors, succession planning, preparing job description and finally preparing a questionnaire based on the job description for competency mapping. Tanshi juggled all these tasks competently, showing her multi-tasking abilities which helped her bag not only a PPO but also praises from her superiors. 

Tanshi thoroughly enjoyed her internship at Vedanta as her mentors were very helpful, and she, too, made sure to take their guidance throughout her internship. Tanshi being exceptionally good at her work, also got the opportunity to meet the CHROs and learn from them.

Tanshi accredits her excellent performance to her work experience and a start-up prior to joining MBA, which helped her work with all her superiors at higher positions in the organisation. Her start-up helped boost her confidence while interning.

Tanshi got to work on some exciting projects at Vedanta, where she got to work with executives from the head office, which helped her build connections and learn more than her peers. Her motive was not just to deliver good work but exploit all the learning opportunities provided to her and add to her personal growth.

Tanshi, from her personal experience, advises her juniors to build as many good connections as they can. She also added that whatever work one takes, one should research well about it and have all the answers to all the questions ready. The driving force should be learning.

Tanshi very nicely managed her work and did not let it stress her out by not looking at it as work but learning. She worked round the clock without being exhausted and worked more than required as she was very excited to learn, which helped convince her superiors that she was the right fit for the organisation.

-Priyanshi Shah, Media and PR Team

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