#13: PPO Chronicles- Shubham Kumar, Wipro Limited

Shubham Kumar, from the MBA batch of 2019-2021, currently specialising in Marketing interned at Wipro Limited during his summer internship.

Shubham worked on two projects during his summer internship. The major project was with the Knowledge Services, where the work entailed developing the framework of crowdsourcing model for content and translation services, conducting a few pilots, and marketing the plans for the Topcoder, a US-based firm that Wipro acquired. The minor project was on Smart City where the project was to form a value proposition for Wipro to act as an integrator for specific IoT companies by mapping their offerings.

Right since the commencement of the internship, Shubham was aware of the expectations set by his mentor and buddy. They were collaborative and open for suggestions even when the internship was a virtual one due to the pandemic. This helped him in being consistent with all the further communications with them.

Before MBA, Shubham pursued Mechanical Engineering from PESIT, Bangalore. Post that, he worked with Adani Power as a Senior Engineer for 33 months in Udupi, Karnataka. His work experience made him realise the importance of better managing the people and resources to effectively manage the work and was thus, motivated to pursue MBA. He was inspired by the book – ‘Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind’ that made him pursue Marketing as his specialisation.

Shubham believes that receiving a pre-placement offer depends not only on hard work but also on luck. Getting a good project to work upon and being consistent towards it is important. Also, having a supportive team and managing cordial relationship with them helps to become culturally fit within the organisation. Nevertheless, the role of communicating well with the mentor and buddy plays a key role more so when the internship is in a virtual mode.

One challenge that he faced during his virtual internship was the lack of communication with people outside of his team. He was in constant contact with his team members, but the informal interaction that one gets to have in a physical environment was somewhat missing.

For Shubham, the entire internship experience was profound. Not only the learnings from the projects but also the HR and Learning and Development department arranged weekly sessions on Excel, building presentations, mindmaps etc. His inquisitive approach made him learn great insights from business perspective as well.

A piece of advice that Shubham wishes to give to the junior batch is to be pro-active and gain as many insights as possible from both projects as well as business perspectives. Setting the expectations right from the start with the superiors is equally important. Also, the verbal and written communication and seeking feedback on the mid and final review presentations are some important aspects that should not be missed.

We wish Shubham all the best in his future endeavours.

– Nitika Jain, Media and PR Team

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