#13: PPO Chronicles- Pooja Mohite, VMWare

Pooja Mohite, an MBA student, specializing in Infrastructure Development Management from the 2020-22 batch, secured a PPO through the case study competition which was organized by VMware. VMware is an American cloud computing and virtualization technology company, headquartered in California

Pooja is a Mechanical Engineer who has worked for two years in Project Management and Execution of Infrastructure projects before joining SCMHRD, and her work experience has helped a lot in securing a PPO.

Pooja attempted in the national level case study competition organized by VMware’s University Talent Programs, which revolved around the theme of ‘Working beyond boundaries and the unlock potential’. They designed a high-performance work environment for the distributed workforce and chose a particular sector for it. During the case study, they researched about different industries and operations and what all challenges people face. They carried out primary and secondary research to find out what the organization’s hurdles were with this hyper distributed workforce. Pooja and her team worked in harmony towards this case study, where they individually divided the work to be done and came up with a feasible solution working in a group. After comprehensive research, they chose the manufacturing industry to conceptualize the hyper distributed workforce in this sector. After an exceptional performance in this competition, they managed to secure national runners-up positions and secure a PPI at VMware.  

Pooja’s advice to the junior batch is that the students should focus on getting comprehensive knowledge of different industries and their business operations. If you are working on any case study or any problem, then the solution should be absolutely tangible, feasible, and out of the box. Also, always have supporting data to your solution. While participating in any B-school competition, aim of gaining maximum learnings through it. 

-Nisarg Joshi, Media and PR Team

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