#12: PPO Chronicles- Rucha Karpe, Diageo

Rucha Karpe, from the 2020-22 batch, a psychology graduate pursuing her MBA in Human Resources, did her internship with Diageo India. 

Rucha’s project as a summer intern with Diageo India revolved around different HR domains, including employer branding and talent acquisition which included re-hiring ex-employees of Diageo as well as utilising this network for gaining referrals. She emphasized how important her project was for creating an entirely new Employee Value Proposition and leveraging it for Employer Branding of Diageo India. She also focused on revamping the exit experience, analysing causes of attrition and suggested measures to enhance employee retention and engagement. It was a fantastic learning opportunity for her. She received feedback from multiple cross-functional stakeholders and communicated with almost every team at Diageo, from marketing and branding to legal, communications and IT, which helped her understand the business and thereby decide the direction of her project.

The overall experience Rucha had at Diageo was one of its kind. She got the opportunity to connect with the CXO levels during her induction, where they would connect with the interns and explain their role and how the business operates. The work environment was highly positive, with an open and transparent system to interact and connect with their mentors. They had regular opportunities to talk and connect with the senior leadership and understand Diageo better.

As a fresher, Rucha brought in numerous innovative ideas, which Diageo shaped into a practical action plan. Diageo fosters an unconventional work atmosphere that allows free-flowing ideas and limitless opportunities. During her project, she came up with multiple solutions to a particular problem, which allowed her to explore further and offered her an advantage in obtaining the PPO.

She believes that the learning process is much more important than the goal. And if you focus only on the goal, you tend to restrict yourself. Instead of focusing only on the PPO, she explored various dimensions- purpose, direction, possible solutions and end goal of the project, thoroughly understood the business, incorporated an approach that would add value to the organization as a whole and worked her way to success. Connecting with mentors frequently is one of the factors that has helped her progress in the first corporate stint. 

Rucha’s suggestion to the junior batch is to approach any problem or case study competitions with an analytical mindset and a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving and decision making in order to grasp better how to solve various issues and come up with the best solution that will satisfy all stakeholders. She further emphasized the importance of staying updated and having a point of view on the ever-changing landscape of the industries. One of the crucial traits she feels the junior batch must demonstrate is continuous learning in the business environment.

-Debabrata Biswal, Media and PR Team

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