#12: PPO Chronicles- Kavya Pandey, Vi

Kavya Pandey from MBA batch of 2019-2021, who is currently specializing in the field of HR interned at Vodafone Idea Limited (Vi) during her summer internship.

Kavya’s summer internship project entailed her to work on an Associate Engagement Model. It involved designing an engagement model for the third-party employees working in Vodafone Idea Limited while also keeping in mind the legal aspect of it. She was required to understand the psyche of these employees and different areas where they felt disengaged. She identified the engagement gaps and subsequently proposed an engagement model for these associates.

During her internship stint, she got to interact with a lot of people within the organization including the senior management of the company. She was assigned a mentor for her internship period, with whom she was constantly in touch to give regular work updates. With the whole internship happening in the virtual set-up due to COVID-19, there were certain challenges she faced. She wasn’t able to interact with the direct stakeholders of the project. However, the people of Vi were extremely supportive and helpful such that they would give honest feedback for her work which helped her learn a lot. The work culture at Vi is very open as one could approach anybody to ask queries pertaining to the project or about anything else in general. One such instance for which Kavya is grateful was an opportunity she got to interact with the CEO of Vi.

As her undergraduate degree, Kavya had pursued a Bachelor in Technology in IT specialisation from Lucknow. After graduation, she had worked as a system engineer in Infosys for 13 months in different cities across the country.

Kavya showcased excellent performance in her internship and on successful completion of her summer project, Kavya secured herself a pre-placement interview which she later converted into a final offer. She believes that reaching out to people is important for learning and also aligning ones’ work with the company’s expectation.

The one advice Kavya would like to give to the junior batch is to always focus on what one can derive maximum during the internship, and by the end of the 2 months, to be in a position to know everything with regards to the project done during the internship. Lastly, having an open mind-set to learn is what she believes is the key to getting a pre-placement offer.

We wish Kavya all the best for future endeavours.

-V Aravind, Media & PR Team

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