#11: PPO Chronicles- Naveen Sandal, PwC SDC

Naveen Sandal, from the 2019-21 batch, pursuing an MBA in Human Resources did his internship with PWC under its Service Delivery Center (SDC) unit.

As his internship was a virtual one, there was a lot of restriction in terms of data sharing due to security reasons but, this didn’t limit Naveen’s learning at PWC. During his internship, he was outlined in a project to write a paper on “Paradigm Shift in the Organization Strategy”, for which he had to study the effect of the pandemic on different aspects of a business. He had to further deep dive into subjects like the impact of Covid-19: on the world economy, the sectors of the industry that PWC works in, with the focus on the points needed for the recovery of the economy that various countries were considering, the transformation of the HR and the evolution in an employee’s journey.

Naveen’s experience in the company can be described in three words: Autonomy, Freedom and Responsibility. He was given autonomy for his project on the ways to approach, present etc. that gave him the freedom and made him more responsible. They let him be the front runner. The culture of the firm is progressive with open-minded employees.  He wasn’t limited to his mentor buddy only, instead, he was encouraged to talk to more people as possible which improved his network within. They were always welcomed in every event conducted within the company from the morning yoga sessions to the pride month celebration.

Before his MBA, Naveen got his Bachelor’s in Technology degree in the year 2015 in Electronics and Communication, post which he had a work experience of 38 months at TCS. His work experience gave him an edge, as an employee, he was able to foresee what a company expects from him, what all are the client’s expectation, how a project should be like and how to better present it. His work experience also inculcated qualities such as agility and adaptability which benefitted him in this new normal.

He believed in working hard with a proper direction, setting the deliverables on time and made sure that the quality of work was never hampered in the rush of meeting a deadline. He always believes in giving his best in the presentations and feels that one should do work in a manner that it can be traced back to them in the future. Another interesting thing was to concentrate on the minutest detail and to take every criticism constructively.

However, with the internship being in a virtual scenario, there were limitations on understanding people and making connections. But he overcame all these challenges and made his mark in doing good work during his internship at PWC which eventually made him bag a pre-placement offer. Lastly, he advises to always be cordial with the batch mates, work as a team in an organization and work hard in the right direction.

We wish Naveen all the best for his future endeavours.

-Vinayak, Media and PR Team

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