10 things you did not know about SCMHRD

Be it the viridescent green campus or the bustling student life, SCMHRD leaves no stone unturned to enhance the experience of its students during their two-year MBA journeys. Here are ten things you probably did not know about the country’s youngest elite B-School in the top 20 B-Schools.

1. SCMHRD’s niche courses

SCMHRD offers not only the core MBA programme but also two specialised niche courses- MBA in Business Analytics (BA) and MBA in Infrastructure Development and Management (IDM), which offer theoretical and practical knowledge on these flourishing domains. The industry demand for an analytical mindset warrants the need for the BA course. Demands for domain knowledge in project management, project feasibility, supply chain and energy considerations warrant the need for the IDM course.

2. Illustrious Alumni Base

Be it top-level managers in the FMCG sector or senior managerial executives in the IT / BFSI sectors, SCMHRD Alumni are making their strong presence in the corporate world. SCMHRD beholds a prestigious base of 6000+ alums who are paving their way to further success in the corporate world

3. The Student Exchange Programme

Students’ exposure to internationalization is promoted in the institute through ample opportunities like summer schools, winter schools, and Semester Exchange programs. Universities like Leeds Beckett (UK), Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL) (Germany), Telecom de Ecole (TEM) (Paris), Dauphine University (Paris), Munich University, ESC Rennes (Paris), University of Bremen (Germany) and many more are available for these different listed opportunities.

4. NEEV- the third largest B-School fest

SCMHRD has a dedicated committee comprising students who organize and conduct NEEV- the third largest B-School Fest in India. The fest consists of various events wherein students from both within the college and outside visit the campus for three days full of cultural fiesta and competitions. The committee’s flagship competition ‘Augustus’ aims to find India’s best student manager, wherein they also have chances to win lump sum cash prizes. Cultural nights highlight the entire plethora of events wherein there are star-studded performances and a gala to remember.

5. Health Promoting Initiatives

Symbiosis International University is a health-promoting university emphasizing students’ physical and mental well-being. Through various sports facilities on campus like a multipurpose court, volleyball net, badminton, table tennis, a gymnasium, and a swimming pool, as well as events in the past like the Anti-Obesity Walk campaign, the students are prompted to pay focus on their health before anything.

6. Samatva- The ISR cell

SCMHRD’s in-house Social Responsibility cell- Samatva, ensures that students always have the touch of social awareness and selflessness amidst this world full of materialism and riches. Through the tree plantation drive Vrikshak, Mental health week, The Happiness Project, and Inspirit- where students from the underprivileged background are called to the campus and tutored in the evenings on weekdays, the institute ensures that students do not lose the touch of altruism and the joy of giving that rekindles humanity into them.

7. The expansive library

The SCMHRD library houses 28000+ books and 18000+ titles and is home to 10 expansive online databases and five journals. The library is a trinity of students, staff members, and resources. This vast network of resources helps edify staff members, students, and research enthusiasts.

8. SCMHRD’s zeal to win case competitions

The culture of participating in case competitions is highly prevalent at SCMHRD. With students taking the initiative to participate in quizzes to business case contests, the campus is bustling with the spirit of initiative-taking. This led SCMHRD to be ranked 4th in Unstop’s Most competitive B-School Awards (formerly Dare2Compete).

9. Symbi-Eat: The bustling eatery

The campus has a state-of-the-art eatery named “Symbieat,” which serves students with myriad food and snack options. Spotting students here in between their classes, grabbing quick bites is a common sight.

10. The Campus Pets

SCMHRD’s sprawling green campus would be incomplete without the two on-campus four-legged companions- Lira and Dinar. Students can enjoy petting these friends to destress from their rigorous academic schedules.

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