#10: PPO Chronicles- Shahzeb Akhtar, Capgemini

Shahzeb Akhtar, from the batch of 2019-21, pursuing an MBA in Sales and Marketing, completed his summer internship at Capgemini.

Capgemini is renowned for providing technology and consulting services across various industry verticals. Shahzeb had the opportunity of working on two projects in the Financial Services sector during his six-week internship. The first one was in the field of Commercial Insurance, where an application was to be created for risk surveyors of insurance companies to ease their work of inspection. The second project entailed the mitigation of Cybersecurity threats for small, medium, and large businesses.

Shahzeb, an Electronics and Telecommunications engineer, worked in his family business after completing his graduation for a couple of years. That is the point when he realized that he was missing out on exploring more opportunities and wanted to pursue something that aligned with his strengths. Thus, he found his true calling in Marketing.

In his initial days of internship, he felt anxious to work in insurance domain as it was a new field for him. However, after his meetings with his mentor, the initial concerns were alleviated and he felt his horizons were broadened, followed by a significant learning phase.

Shahzeb maintained that there is no set formula for getting a Pre-Placement Offer. According to him, his perseverance and chain of thoughts followed by execution played a key role, and things fell into place for him. The role of hard work cannot be highlighted enough in any success story, and as they say, Rome was not built in a day. Here too, Shahzeb described how he was quickly off the blocks and worked tirelessly during his entire internship. He reiterated the significance of on-ground primary research, for any project to be successful. For him, confidence is an indispensable trait to possess while presenting to overcome all the challenges. He had to present his idea in front of 11 panellists from various domains in the organization. However, his sound ground research and individualistic approach helped him sail through the presentation.

Overall, it was an enriching journey for Shahzeb that culminated in a Pre-Placement Offer from the organization. He firmly believes in going the extra mile, and his advice to his juniors is to leverage the feedback after every meeting with their mentors and spend time ironing out the chinks in one’s armour. He also believes that exchanging one’s thoughts with people is of immense importance as it opens new doors. Lastly, he pointed out that primary research and the manner of conducting it sets individuals apart and makes their work distinct.

We wish Shahzeb all the best for his future endeavours.

-Sudarshan Srinivas, Media and PR Team

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