#10: PPO Chronicles- Rahul D, Tata Consumer Products Limited

Rahul Soorya D, an MBA student specializing in Human Resources from the 2020-22 batch, secured a PPO from Tata Consumer Products Ltd.

During his internship, his project revolved around learning and development, and he had the opportunity to create a future-ready learning framework. Learning wasn’t a part of the core culture at TCPL, but due to the pandemic, upscaling and digital transformation became imperative. They wanted to make learning mainstream at TCPL and thus pursued this project. Rahul created the learning framework considering all the employees’ obstacles while learning. His deliverables included learning framework identification, designing a learning engagement campaign, making content for learning workshops, curating learning journeys for various skills identified for functions, creating navigation guides and flyers for the internal learning platform, and designing learning journals along with the live dashboard for learning.

Rahul mentioned that TCPL had an incredibly supportive environment during his summer internship stint. He added that they provided him the project charter well in advance, clarified their expectations from interns, assigned interns with guides, and supported them with any help. The culture at TCPL is amicable. He interacted with plenty of stakeholders, and everyone from the top management to the middle management was highly accommodative. 

Rahul is an electronics engineer with an experience of 15 months at Infosys in robotic process automation (RPA). He believes that his previous work experience helped him perform better as it helped him understand how a corporate works. A few insights that he gained are responsibility and accountability for all the tasks assigned and the discipline that came along with it. His experience in the IT sector further helped him create dashboards and use advanced excel applications. 

When a company offers a PPO, they don’t just look at one specific aspect. Instead, they try to get a holistic view of the person interning at their company. When they offer a project to an intern, the outcome of that project is crucial. Rahul’s project, which involved creating a dashboard, is now being implemented at the company. Thus, the result of the project is significant for any intern. 

One suggestion that Rahul would like to give to the junior batch is to be prepared well in advance. Even though the internships commence in April, the junior batch should prepare a plan right away and start working towards it. Some basic skill sets required for an internship would be learning excel, making effective ppts, and similar basic routine skills. During the internship, students should foster good relations with all stakeholders.

-Karan Jamnal, Media and PR Team

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