#1: PPO Chronicles- Himanshu Shah, ICICI

Himanshu Shah, a computer engineer who worked as a data analyst for two years with EY, found his place in the finance world when he interned with ICICI Bank in the Sector Risk Department. His journey in finance started when he first started investing and studying the markets during his undergraduate, which eventually led him to pursue MBA in finance.

During his internship, he had the opportunity to explore three different debt financing profiles, namely corporate, national, and retail debt. Combining his finance and technical acumen, he automated things and delivered work in a day which required a week. Even in an online internship, he ensured interaction with his colleagues and never shied away from seeking help from his superiors and colleagues.

Himanshu had the opportunity to work with interns from different B-schools across India. He made sure that he was also connecting and learning from his peers along with completing tasks. His secret to success was not just hard work but also his desire to oust himself in every task he took up rather than ousting others.

The mentors have been working in the field for many years, and there is a lot of scope for learning, and he made sure to make the most of it. He said that even though they’re busy, one needs to be proactive and update them daily or weekly about the progress of the project. Himanshu exploited most of the technical infrastructure facilities accessible to him to improve his efficiency and work output. His advice to the upcoming summer interns is to remain calm in all situations, be it reviews or work overload, as it is crucial to deliver quality work.

Himanshu’s mantra in life is to believe in whatever you do. He thinks it’s the first and the most crucial step towards achieving your goals. Dreams don’t come true unless you work for them. So, the next step is the planned execution towards your goals. The journey won’t be a bed of roses, but sure it’ll be full of lessons that’ll shape you into a wiser individual every day. Last but the most important is the feedback. Nobody is perfect, so it is crucial to take feedback or criticism constructively to improvise and become successful. Himanshu has mastered this mantra and has set an excellent example for all of us.

-Priyanshi Shah, Media and PR Team

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