#1: PPO Chronicles- Ashutosh Parida, ABG

Ashutosh Parida from the 2019-20 batch, pursuing MBA in Human Resources, did his internship with Aditya Birla Management Corporation Private Limited.

Working with the HR team of ABMCPL, Ashutosh had been assigned a project which revolved around Employee Experience and Employee Journey Mapping. The success of any company depends upon the employees working in the company. He had been assigned with the responsibility to develop a framework that would not only increase employee engagement but also enable the employees to create memorable experiences while working in the company.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ashutosh had to face a few hindrances while on his project. One of them was to collect information of employees of different companies for carrying out his analysis. However, overcoming all difficulties, he was able to complete the project successfully.

While working at ABMCPL, Ashutosh realised that it is the FOURTH EMPLOYEE VALUE PROPOSITION offered to employees, that makes all the difference. It clearly states that ABMCPL would serve as a world full of opportunities to all its employees and it undoubtedly sticks to the same until the very end. In the two months summer internship period, apart from gaining experience Ashutosh also got to learn a lot via the Harvard modules and various other learning materials that were provided by the company to its interns from time to time. Therefore, the constant support of the senior employees and fellow interns helped to bring about an overall development in him.

Ashutosh had a prior work experience of 4 years- 2 years at Cognizant and another 2 years at Reckitt Benckiser as a Business Analyst. Although, a completely different job profile, his prior work experience helped him carry out in-depth interviews and benchmarking activities required for his project at ABMCPL with great ease.

One thing that helped him gain an edge over the others and get a PPO at ABMCPL was his jovial nature, a feedback that he always received from his seniors. Therefore, even if you have 1000 things going wrong, a small smile will cost you nothing and help you deal with all the problems. Apart from that discipline, punctuality and humbleness were some others qualities exhibited by Ashutosh that helped him succeed.

An advice that Ashutosh would like to give to the Junior Batch is that apart from gaining knowledge in the field of HR, it is extremely important to learn how to use excel, a few visualization tools like Tableau or Power PI and PPT. In fact, when Ashutosh was working as an intern, he had been asked to make and present a PPT to the HR Director of ABMCPL. Lastly, the 2 months of internship period gets over really quickly, so one must enjoy their internship period to the fullest by working hard and creating memories to last for a lifetime.

We wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

-Jigyasa, Media and PR Team

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